Levels of satisfaction with Council services

This measure is new, and the data will come from the 'What Matters to You' survey, launched in April 2018, where residents were asked how satisfied they are with the services they receive from West Sussex County Council. For the full results to the What Matters to You survey please click here 
We aim to achieve 80% result by 2022

December 2019 performance

When asked whether residents are satisfied with the services they receive, the largest proportion of respondents, 46%, agreed with the statements that they were either satisfied or very satisfied. 20% of respondents were neutral being neither satisfied nor dissatisfied  and 34% of respondents said they were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. 
Our 2020-21 milestone target is 80%.
The survey for 2018 is now closed. The next survey will be in 2020.

If you have contacted West Sussex County Council in the last 12 months and would like to give us feedback regarding how easy it was to contact us and then to get the help you needed and how satisfied you were with the service received , please click on the link below and complete our short survey
Tell us what is important to you and help shape what we do:


This is an overarching corporate measure, which reaches across all services. We constantly work to make it easier for customers to get information and the support they need, and we focus on the quality of service at our front door when a customer calls us. The council has large scale improvement activity within services which will improve the delivery of services, which will help to improve our customers satisfaction.
  • We have made it easier for customers to view information about roadworks on the WSCC website. One.network has replaced the travel information pages which gives clearer information about roadworks in West Sussex. One.network is mobile & tablet friendly and customers can search for current and forthcoming roadworks which expand to give specific details about the works 
  • Work has begun to ensure that our website is compliant with the new accessibility regulations by the September 2020 deadline. This will make our website faster and easier to use for more of our residents.  
  • We forecast customer contact into our Customer Service Centre to ensure we can answer customer calls in a timely manner. We focus on a quality service ensuring our staff have the right training and skills to be able to help  customers and resolve their queries at the first point of contact. Our staff receive regular coaching and feedback to support to deliver the best possible service to our residents.
  • We also have an ongoing programme of Customer Service training, upskilling our officers to have the difficult but honest and realistic conversations with customers, for example around reduced budgets and service provision.
  • The communications team are working closer with services to put additional focus around the promotion of features on service improvements and resident success stories. 
  • A project is underway to look at options for launching a new residents’ survey.  
  • Use our customer complaints to learn and continually improve.