Welcome to the West Sussex County Council Performance Dashboard, where we use data to monitor progress against the goals we set in the The West Sussex Plan. This dashboard focuses on the following priority areas for the Council.


Best Start in Life

The children born and being raised in West Sussex are our future – we look to them for a sustainable one. Therefore it is only right that children are at the centre of everything we do. It is our job to make sure every child in West Sussex reaches their potential.

A Prosperous Place

For West Sussex to continue to thrive we know we need to support our businesses. We have a wonderful diverse business community here in West Sussex; something we should celebrate in supporting them to stay and grow here. To do this we need to put in place support to ensure this is a place where doing business works and works well.

A Strong, Safe and Sustainable Place

We know we are only as strong as our communities. To make real change in our communities we need to empower those living in them to make changes themselves.

Independence for Later Life

In West Sussex we have an ageing population which will continue to grow. It is something we understand well. As we all grow older many of us will undoubtedly need more care and will require a greater helping hand in order to live well.


A Council that Works for the Community

Our only purpose is to serve you; the people living and working in West Sussex. The County Council should make things easier and better for people living in the county.

Our vision

Read more about our vision for West Sussex here, including our guiding principles, our ambition for the future and our priority outcomes.


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