A sustainable and prosperous economy

A sustainable and prosperous economy in West Sussex is key to the future wellbeing of the county and it has never been more important for us to focus on this given the ongoing economic impact of Covid-19. Ensuring that businesses are supported to recover and grow, that local people have access to well-paid employment, and that the conditions are right for enterprise and innovation will have a positive impact on the long term health of residents and on the potential of young people.  We will focus our activity in the following areas:
  • We will deliver the Council’s Economy Plan, focussing on the economic challenges faced by different places in the county; on supporting new and existing businesses, and those sectors hit hard by COVID-19; on employment and skills activities to support and create jobs; and on digital technology to boost the economy. Climate change and the environment will underpin the economy reset approach.
  • Social value framework  - we will ensure our procurement processes are accessible to local providers in order to maximise the use of local suppliers in our supply chains and secure added economic, social and environmental benefits for our residents.  For example, jobs and opportunities for local people and access to education, training and support.
  • West Sussex Transport Plan  - we will review the plan and set out a new strategy for the transport network up to 2036 to enable active travel and access to education, employment and services, and decarbonise the transport system while protecting the local environment.
  • Digital infrastructure  - we will work with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the telecoms market to accelerate and extend investment in the county to build digital infrastructure and access networks in line with the government’s target.
  • We will work with employers, education and training providers to progress skills and employment opportunities to support residents and the local economy in the medium and longer term.
  • We will deliver commitments in our Climate Change Strategy, in particular positioning the county as a place for innovation in green energy. We will take advantage of natural capital investment funding when available and encourage and enable the community and businesses to innovate and make decisions which optimise use of resources and reduce carbon impact.
  • West Sussex Growth Deals  - we will continue to deliver on existing deals with districts and borough councils, which aim to support town centre growth, unlock housing and employment sites and attract investment.  We will seek to refresh deals that are due to expire after their 5-year term.

Resetting and rebooting the local economy

Achieving social value in West Sussex

Sustainable growth by developing modern infrastructure

Supporting people to develop the skills they need for the future

A sustainable economy that adapts to climate change

Working in partnership