Total Performance Monitor      March 2018

Overview from Jeremy Hunt

 This report provides an update to the year-end position against the Future West Sussex Plan (2015-19) reported in the February TPM report. This is the final report on the 2015-2019 plan which will be replaced with the West Sussex Plan 2017-2022. (Keep standard text for the year)?
Key Issues (update each month)
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Key Progress (update each month)
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Best Start in Life

cabinet member statement
A summary of the latest position for all the KPIs and Finance for this priority.  We need to be careful what we write here, and it may become out of date with the tiles below.
Do we include all measures, just those updated at the time of creating this story, or highlights/low lights. 

Key Performance Indicators

Best Start of Life - Revenue Budget

The portfolio has projected a further £0.1m underspend due to increased levels of grant income from the Home Office to support care of Unaccompanied Asylum seekers. Other minor cost pressures associated with the supervised contact service have been mitigated from underspending within the Youth Offending Service
Finance portfolio isn't directly translatable into the 5 priorities  - therefore difficult to discuss budget by priority.
The link to the goal would take you to a tile that held all the tables normally found in the appendices.

Best Start of Life - Capital Projects

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Finance portfolio isn't directly translatable into the 5 priorities  - therefore difficult to discuss budget by priority.

Transformation Programme

1.1 The Corporate Transformation Programme prioritises and approves transformational opportunities and investment across the County Council. These ambitious initiatives help support the achievement of the West Sussex Plan as well as aim to improve our services to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers, partners and employees. 
1.2 The projects build on previous initiatives that have now been completed. The key elements of which are detailed in table 1 by following the link. 
1.3 Current transformational work has expanded significantly over the last 18 months. The majority of the initiatives are funded by a specific Transformation reserve, which had £15.2m balance at the start of the financial year. The balance of uncommitted funding in the reserve as at February 2018 was £6.6m, with £5m of costs incurred in FY2017/18 with £3.5m earmarked for future years. Adults & Health transformation projects have been funded from the one-off £3.3m grant provided in February 2017. £0.5m remains unallocated from this funding source, with £0.8m incurred in this financial year and a further £1.9m earmarked in future years. Key, material, areas of expenditure are detailed in table 2 by following the link:
1.4 A significant proportion of the investment being made will help the County Council to unlock material savings; which have been incorporated into our savings plans for 2018/19 and onwards, as set out in the Budget papers provided to the County Council in February this year. An overview of the savings that are projected to be made is outlined below, totalling £35m over 5 years.
1.5 The Programme was a rigorous structure in place to ensure decisions are fully scrutinised and reviewed. All initiatives considered are subject to a Business Case before a decision is made to commit the Council to the initiative with any associated funding. 
1.6 Technical support has been provided to the Programme Management Office (PMO) by our strategic partner, PwC, to help provide the Council with the latest tools to run a significant change programme of this scale. 
1.7 The projects currently being taken forward are detailed in the schematic below; with a short description of each outlined in the following table. The schematic also details how each project links to the objectives and targets in the West Sussex plan: 
This report would need breaking into the 5 different priorities - to meet the mock up outline as per JW email, or we discuss is as one item similar to the workforce and organisational health KPIs

Rinse and repeat for the other 4 priorities

for the other 4 priorities

Workforce and Organisational Health


Summary Position

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