A Strong, Safe and Sustainable Place

We know we are only as strong as our communities. To make real change in our communities we need to empower those living in them to make changes themselves.
We want to work with you to unlock the power of our communities, giving you access to the tools we hold on your behalf to make things better for you. There are so many examples of our communities working brilliantly to support each other and to solve issues that are unique to them - we need to nurture and support that. Our communities will only be strong if we look after the environment. The air we breathe has to be clean, that's what our residents want and we will play our part in making this happen. This is such a wonderful county with a beautiful outdoors that we need to promote and protect it for you to enjoy. We will make it easier to walk and cycle in our county, to visit our landmarks, museums and galleries, to get the most of living in West Sussex. We have to recycle more and reduce landfill waste and need your help to make this happen. We have pledged to achieve 50 per cent recycling here in West Sussex by 2020 but we cannot do that without you. We need to make recycling easier for you so it becomes the obvious choice.
When looking at the environment there is so much to do - we are determined to become one of the largest renewable energy providers in the UK with more solar farms in the county.
The future is in all of our hands and we want to be the best guardians of that we can, to ensure its beauty and prosperity for generations to come.

A healthy Place

A safe Place

Strong communities

Sustainable environments

A place of culture, heritage and beauty