A Prosperous Place
A Prosperous Place

A Prosperous Place

For West Sussex to continue to thrive we know we need to support our businesses. We have a wonderful diverse business community here in West Sussex; something we should celebrate in supporting them to stay and grow here. To do this we need to put in place support to ensure this is a place where doing business works and works well.

Working with our District and Borough partners is crucial in our determination to support the business community.

That means attracting businesses and people who want to work in our county and then giving them the tools they need to grow their businesses. Those tools include the infrastructure that works together to support business, be that roads, schools, housing and a whole host of other things. Our role must be to oil the wheels of business and work with our partners and neighbours to make sure we enable that to happen.

West Sussex is a county that is open to everyone and provides opportunities for everyone to live and work. Together with our partners in education we need to make sure the workforce we grow here in the county is skilled and equipped to fill the vast array of roles our businesses and local organisations have to offer. We don’t need to tell you that West Sussex is a great place to live, visit and work. However we need to make sure we make the most of that, that we promote our county far and wide,that we support tourism, businesses and local people and that we are clear, West Sussex is not just open for business, it thrives.


  • LD - Learning Disability
  • GVA - Gross Value Added