Formal member meetings webcast

Webcasting is seen as a crucial part of open and accountable government and as a way of increasing the accessibility of the County Council and its processes and decision-making. Since 2008, all full County Council meetings have been webcast live and then archived for six months. In addition, Select Committee and Planning Committee meetings may be webcast where the issues under consideration are of public interest.
We aim to webcast 36.4% or more formal member meetings.

June 2020 performance

Due to the public health emergency there is a requirement for all formal member meetings to be webcast in order to qualify as valid meetings.  This means that in addition to the Council’s usual practice of webcasting all meetings of the Cabinet, the full Council, the Planning Committee and all Scrutiny Committees, all other formal committee meetings are also currently being webcast.
Our 2020-21 milestone target is 33.8%
We have remained above or near target all year.  


The level of webcasting is affected by:
  • The overall number of meetings (some meetings which would have been considered candidates for webcasting can be cancelled or postponed)
  • Whether the items on an agenda are of significant interest to residents.
  • Agreement from the Chairman that a meeting should be webcast (until recently meetings had to be held in the Council Chamber if they were to be webcast and that was not considered appropriate for some meetings).
This follows a decision by the Full Council that there should be a presumption in favour of webcasting all meetings of Planning Committees, Select Committees and formal meetings of the Cabinet in addition to the routine webcasting of all full Council meetings.
Webcast meeting