Child sexual exploitation cases managed as medium or low risk

The measure has the aim that the vulnerability of children to CSE should mostly be managed within the authority at medium or low levels of risk.  
High Risk: Screening and risk assessment indicates evidence that the child is actively being sexually abused. Will require a Children’s Social care intervention.
Medium Risk: Screening and risk assessment indicates evidence that the child may be being sexually abused or at significant risk of exploitation. Will require a Social worker or named lead professional.
Low risk: Screening and risk assessment indicates evidence that the child may be vulnerable to exploitation and sexual abuse. Will need a named lead professional. 
We aim to achieve 80% or higher each year.

March 2020 performance

At the end of March 2020 there were 15 children who were being overseen by the Complex Safeguarding Missing and Exploitation Group because they had been exploited. 2 of these were victims of child sexual exploitation and 11 were victims of child criminal exploitation and there were 2 children who were victims of both sexual and criminal exploitation. There were a further 79 children who were managed at a local level as there were indicators of exploitation and all these had professional social work safeguarding intervention.
In agreement with the West Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnership (SCP) the rag rating criteria of risk has been updated to reflect that any form of child exploitation is considered abuse. The following criteria are now used: children exploited; children where there are indicators of exploitation; and children who perpetrate harm to others. 
Children exploited are overseen by the Complex Safeguarding Missing and Exploitation Group, and those where indicators are identified are monitored but managed at a local level through the relevant professionals working with the family.
 In this reporting period 63 children have been identified and are being supported through this process. 
We continue to exceed our target of 80%.
At the end of 2018-19,  89% of children at risk of sexual exploitation  were managed at the targeted level.


Children's Social Care and Integrated prevention and Earliest Help Services, Police, Education and Health partners work collectively to ensure that we are assessing the risk of child sexual exploitation based on all information available, enabling us to ensure that timely actions are undertaken to reduce these risks and increase safety. All agencies meet regularly to ensure that actions are undertaken to reduce the risks posed to children through exploitation.

Our Multi-Agency Missing and Exploitation Group reviews the level of risk, safety plans and interventions in place and seeks to to consider the best use of contextual safeguarding, making key links between individual vulnerable children and groups of children, and identifying where specialist interventions are appropriate.  

Since we started reviewing CSE our understanding of this type of harm has developed, and we have naturally seen an increase in the identification of children vulnerable to exploitation. Through effective partnership working to reduce and manage the risks posed to these children we have  maintained the percentage managed at medium or low risk.