Renewable energy generated by West Sussex County Council

We are committed to developing a secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply and making use of energy from renewable sources. This is set out in the West Sussex strategy.
We aim to be generating 9,141 Mwh per year.

June 2020 performance

A further pipeline of schools solar PV schemes is currently being developed by the Energy Services team. The Energy Services team have also been working alongside a PFI partner to develop a solar PV programme for three PFI schools located in Crawley. This will help the schools reduce their energy costs by using generated solar power on-site, therefore reducing grid imported energy costs. Output from our two solar farms (Tangmere, and Westhampnett) has continued at a good level during the first quarter of 2020/21. This helps contribute to providing green, renewable power onto the grid and generates income for the local authority through the sale of power and additional services.
During the 2019/20 financial year, the YES (Your Energy Sussex) team have installed a further 8 solar PV systems, of which 6 were installed at schools. These comprise a further 1.3 megawatt power (MWp) of combined installed capacity. Between 2015/16 to 2019/20 the YES team have installed 71 total solar PV systems (68 at schools), to a combined total capacity of over 4.5 MWp. Alongside our solar farms at Tangmere and Westhampnett, these equate to around 17 MWp of installed capacity. During 2019/20 these systems have generated enough electricity to power over 5,500 standard UK homes for an entire year. We have several more installations planned for 2020/21 across more schools, and are investigating opportunities within our own corporate estate. 


We are continuously monitoring the generation and financial performance across all systems, and improving data quality. 
The county council is completing the School PV installations which were pre-accredited for the Government’s Feed in Tariff subsidy before it closed.
The team is also examining the potential for new PV systems to be installed alongside battery energy storage systems.
Solor panels installed on school roof
Area view of solar panels installed on school roof