Renewable energy generated by West Sussex County Council

We are committed to developing a secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply and making use of energy from renewable sources. This is set out in the West Sussex strategy.
We aim to be generating 9,141 Mwh per year.

December 2019 performance

We have continued to deploy small-scale solar PV systems on schools around the county, and have another batch of school sites in the pipeline for delivery during the 2020/21 financial year. We are continuously monitoring the generation and financial performance across all systems, and improving data quality.

Conditions earlier in 2019 were favourable to the generation of electricity from solar PV. 
For 2018-19 we generated 8,710 Mw of electricity. This is slightly under where we expected to be by 431 kw. This was due to significant commissioning delays at the Westhampnett solar farm  because of issues with the main contractor going into liquidation as well as issues with the site. 


The county council is completing the School PV installations which were pre-accredited for the Government’s Feed in Tariff subsidy before it closed.
The team is also examining the potential for new PV systems to be installed alongside battery energy storage systems.