Reporting of hate crime

We know there has been a general increase in reporting nationally, along with an increased profile and this has helped people to be more aware of what hate incidents/hate crimes are, and the importance of reporting them and getting support.
As hate incidents and hate crimes are often under-reported, our aspiration is to see reporting figures rise to more accurately reflect the occurrence of incidents. 
By improving levels of outreach and engagement work we aim to encourage reporting of hate incidents to 800 per year.

September 2019 performance

A total of 297 reports of hate incidents and hate crimes were reported to the Hate Incident Support Service (HISS) during quarter 2 of 2019/20.  This is one more report than the previous quarter but a 12% increase on the same period last year.   This means that as before, reporting levels are on target for this service. 
During 2018-19 almost 1,000 reports were received by the HISS team over the year.