Residents' issues considered by County Local Committees

There are eleven County Local Committees (CLCs) across West Sussex, each made up of all the county councillors for the CLC area. They meet three times per year and aim to bring local residents and local members together to help shape the services provided by the Council.
We aim to have 60% of agenda items raised by the local community by 2022.

June 2020 performance

There were no agenda items as the last round of CLCs was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. We will work hard to catch up on the next two rounds to try to keep to green and ensure a good level.

Our 2020-21 milestone target is 55%
The last 2 years we were above target, and our CLC meetings play an active role in providing our residents a platform to talk with the Council about their concerns and ambitions for their local area. The main themes were proposed reductions in front line services funding, a proposed cycling event, school placement and performance, grant funding for community activity and local Highways concerns.


Plans are now in place for the next round which will give opportunity to expand the amount of resident’s issues being considered.