Principal A-road condition

The local highway network is the most valuable publicly owned asset managed by West Sussex County Council. The strategic approach seeks to optimise the value of West Sussex’s highway infrastructure over its whole life. The Principal A-Road network includes the major roads within the County that provide large scale transport links, and support the regional and local economy. Through effective long term planning and forecasting of the principal roads performance we strive to minimise and prevent expensive short-term repairs, promoting the timely investment in maintenance based on need. This approach aims to retain a steady state in the poor (red) condition of principal roads, whilst increasing the overall percentage of roads in a good (green) condition.
We aim to keep the poor A-road conditions to 5% or less.

December 2019 performance

The results of the 2019 condition survey of the Principal A-Road network gives confidence that our aim to keep those A-Roads considered poor and requiring maintenance to below 5% is being achieved and remains “On Track”.  

We have maintained below target since 2016. The chart below shows our historical performance for each category of condition defined as follows:- 
Red - Poor condition, likely to require planned maintenance soon.
Principal raod condition stats 2008-2020
Amber- Some deterioration, investigate to determine the optimum time for planned maintenance treatment.
Green  - Generally in a good state of repair.

Road Conditions in England to March 2018


The draft 2020/21 Highway and Transport Delivery Programme includes investment of over £2.75m focused on the resurfacing of Principal Roads in a poor condition in West Sussex. Key Decision approval of this draft programme is expected in February 2020, ahead of individual scheme delivery during 2020/21.
Overall, 12.5% of the roads in West Sussex are categorised as Principal (A-Class) roads. In general these are the major distributor roads, between the main towns and urban centres (not including Motorways or Trunk Roads.) Each year we survey 100% of the A-roads using Scanner Survey vehicles. The continued monitoring of the A-Road condition informs future maintenance funding investment decisions.