Child Protection Conferences completed within timescales

When children are identified as being at risk of continuing significant harm, they are made subject to a child protection plan at a child protection conference. Progress on this plan is monitored and reviewed at set intervals, through core group meetings and review child protection conferences.
The first review child protection conference is held three months after the initial conference, and they are then held at least six monthly thereafter. These review conferences are important to ensure progress against the child protection plan is good, and to hold families and professionals to account.
Further information about child protection plans and child protection conferences can be found on the West Sussex Safeguarding Children Board website, which can be accessed by clicking on this link:
The Council’s target to have 99% of review child protection conferences held within the required time frames.

February 2020 performance

Review child protection conferences within timescales have seen an improvement this month with only one going out of timescale, due to both quoracy issues and delayed report completion.
 As the number of children on child protection plans in West Sussex has increased significantly in the last 12 months, efforts are being made to ensure the right children are on plans, enabling them to receive the focused intervention that they require.
 February has seen the completion of audits in respect of children on plans for over 15 months and children whose plan ended at the first review, with learning to be shared across the service.
We have achieved 100% performance for the last 12 months.


We continue to ensure that Review Child Protection Conferences can only be held outside timescales in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of a senior manager who will have reviewed the case. By continuing with this approach it is expected that we will continue to perform well against this target.