Ultra- low emission vehicles registered for the first time

We are keen to tackle air quality issues and increase the uptake of electric vehicles across the County. We are exploring a number of different options related to the provision of on-street charging, off-road charging, highway infrastructure, and encouraging and promoting work place charging. Proposals considered need to be flexible and future proof.
We aim to be in the top quartile of statistical neighbours by 2022

Annual Performance 

For the period 2018 we had 496 vehicles registered, whereas our statistical neighbours average was 1083 vehicles.

Our 2020-21 milestone target is 799 vehicles. 
We continue to increase the number of ultra low emission vehicles and have seen a steady increase since 2013.


As a significant local employer with many public facing sites, we are keen to minimise the impact of our staff travel, and are switching some of our pool fleet to ultra-low emission vehicles with associated charging infrastructure. Every effort is made to ensure that any replacement vehicle is either electric, hybrid or low emissions.
We are also looking at how we can support the development of charging infrastructure across the County with the Districts and Boroughs. We have been approached by private companies to pilot on-street charging and are investigating the proposals.
Installed chargers are also accessible to residents and visitors at our public facing sites.