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Operation Watershed - Community Projects

Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund is a grant fund supporting community groups working in their local area to help prepare for, and reduce the risk and impacts of flooding from ground and surface water.
A committed funding pot is available for community groups, volunteer groups and town and parish councils within West Sussex who can apply to fund projects they wish to deliver for themselves. Applications have to demonstrate:

- How it addresses recognised flood issues
- If it has strong community support
- That it demonstrates value for money
- How it will realise benefits for the community

Further details can be found on the link
We aim to support at least 10 projects per annum.

March 2020 performance

Quarter four saw further support to Parish & Town Councils and Community Groups in developing their applications with a further 5 completed applications being submitted in March 2020 for consideration and processing. This resulted in Operation Watershed deferring any funding decision to April/May 2020
Resident Associations were awarded a total of £ 52,431.16
Birdham Parish Council – Reinforcement of west bank of ditch adjacent to the Saltings, Crooked Lane  - £14,552.76
Birdham Parish Council - Western Drain, Crooked Lane - £16,972.80

Ashurst Parish Council - Flooding on the B2135 north of Ashurst - £8,376.00

Rusper Parish Council - Wimland Road Drainage Improvements - £7,684.00

Ashurst Village Hall - Car Park Drainage Scheme - £4,845.60


Operation Watershed Steering Group are discussing the next round with 5 applications = £119,769 to be incorporated in the next Members Decision Report.
 29 potential applications have been identified however development of these have either slowed or postponed due to Parish & Town Councils focusing supporting their residents & businesses during the COVID19 Emergency. Many are not making decisions at this time. Support to assist in developing the application has had to be temporarily refocused to support the community response to the COVID19 emergency.
 A new extended target of 10 groups per annum has been set from 2019 to 2022 and will be reviewed annually subject to funds being available.  As 2018/19 Operation Watershed met the Corporate Plan Target of 70 groups receiving funds by 2022 with a total of 73 successful applications being awarded funding between 2017 & 2019.
In 2018-19 there were a total of 21 projects funded. 
  1. Arun – 3 projects receiving £109,505
  2. Adur – 1  project receiving £11,240
  3. Chichester – 9 projects receiving £136,233
  4. Horsham – 3 projects receiving £47,381
  5. Mid Sussex – 4 projects receiving £63,839
  6. Worthing – 1 project receiving £1,837