Broadband connectivity

Better Connected is a project bringing better, faster broadband to our county.
Digital communications infrastructure is becoming as vital as transportation, water and power services. ‘Superfast’ broadband technology has transformed how we work, live and communicate. This exciting technology can improve our quality of life, and help to grow our economy by enabling new businesses to start up, and existing ones to prosper.
We aim to connect an additional 8000 premises by 2019

September 2019 performance

The Better Connected project has delivered access to “superfast” fibre broadband to 8,199 premises, exceeding the target of 8000.


We are looking to the future and have an ambition to support our public services by building the next generation of connectivity, giving speeds from 1Gb (1000mbps) using pure optical fibre.
The government wants to increase the amount of pure optical or ‘full fibre’ infrastructure covering the UK. Currently only around 2% of premises in the UK have access to the fastest broadband speeds which travel all the way into buildings over full fibre infrastructure. Public services are evolving and soon will be delivered in new and digital ways, which will require faster download and upload speeds and greater bandwidth. We want to invest in full fibre infrastructure now to get our public buildings and our services ready for the future.
Openreach van and man laying cables