10-11 year old children with a healthy weight

The National Child Measurement Programme data provide a proxy for population prevalence of healthy weight, overweight and obese in two school year groups and are refreshed annually.
The national Child obesity action plan was published in August 2016. It identifies 14 actions for national or local progression. It places a lot of emphasis on the role of schools to promote physical activity and healthy eating.
We aim to remain in the top quartile of all local authorities nationally to 2022.

December 2019 performance

2018-19 results show we have made a slight improvement this year. Since 2015-16 healthy weight in 10-11 year olds has continued to improve against a downward trend nationally.  West Sussex has remains in the top quartile nationally and rank 13th nationally.
This compares to the SE average of 68.3% and the England average of 64.3%. 


Both the October Health and Wellbeing Board and the October meeting of the Chief Executive Officers of District and Borough Councils  have now signed off on the need for a new multiagency group to drive the children’s obesity agenda. 
We provide leadership to a county wide healthy weight network with representatives from many organisations regularly attending. The network acts as a support for key local partner organisations delivering the actions in the West Sussex Healthy weight operational plan. Both prevention and management of overweight and obese for all age groups fall within scope for the network. The network oversees and maintains pathways (across a number of separate commissioning and provider organisations) to improve how effectively they meet the needs of families, children and young people. This includes training frontline staff to identify individuals in need of additional support and referral.


West Sussex Public Health and County Catering won an award for their poster presented the national Public Health England Conference in Warwick early September for their work on reducing sugar in school meals. To date the equivalent weight of three London double decker buses of sugar has been removed from West Sussex primary school meals in the last 20 months. This work is continuing with Chartwells- the school meal provider.

Why Weight

Being overweight as a child increases the risk of being overweight as an adult. It also can affect a child’s health, ability to take part in an lively life and school performance. To help children and families think about their diet and being active there is help and support available in West Sussex. Tried and tested programmes which provide an effective way to manage weight and encourage adopting healthier habits for life are funded by West Sussex County Council.

For further information call the WhyWeight helpline on 0300 123 0892.


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