Independence for Later Life

In West Sussex we have an ageing population which will continue to grow. It is something we understand well. As we all grow older many of us will undoubtedly need more care and will require a greater helping hand in order to live well.
As a County Council we welcome the opportunity to work creatively and closely with our partners and the voluntary sector to support and look after our older community to help them stay independent for longer. We will work with our communities to embrace technology now, and in the future, to continue to develop and grow the support that we, as a community, are able to offer our older residents.
Our ambition is that West Sussex will continue to be a great place to grow older. One that has the support networks to help people to remain independent for longer. In order to keep our older residents connected and protected from social isolation and loneliness, we will work closely with the community network to put in place the support needed. We want to equip our communities to help their older neighbours by giving them the confidence to feel that they are an asset to their communities through the wealth of experience and knowledge they can offer. Our close working with health and other partners continues to keep our older people healthy and well and give them the opportunities they need to thrive. Where our older people need extra support or care in their own home or long term residential care we will work hard to make sure the care on offer is the very best quality, that there is a range of choice for that care and it is of the highest standard. Our older people will be safe in the knowledge the care provision in the county is safe and well-regulated and they can trust the people whose hands they are in.

A good place to grow old

Older people feel safe and secure

Older people have the opportunities to thrive

People are healthy and well

Older people feel part of their community