West Sussex Cycle Paths

Length of new cycle paths

West Sussex County Council aims to increase the amount of new cycle track year on year by 15%. The baseline is 5.57 km and by 2022 we will have put in 28.7km length of additional cycle lanes.
The link to the map shows suggested routes contained in the strategy. Red routes are prioritised for feasibility work, green show already constructed. West Sussex Cycle Journey Planner shows you the fastest and quietest options for your journeys and designated cycle routes (some of which are 

The following schemes were completed during quarter 4, March 2020

Shared cycleway footway on Ifield Avenue, Crawley = 1.2km
Shared cycleway footway on Stane Street, Westhampnett = 0.8km
New shared cycleway footways on old A264 Broadbridge Heath Bypass = 1.9km
Permissive bridleway link between existing permissive bridleways P36 and P37, Medmerry = 1.0km
Cycle path