Championing the Economy

We want the economy of West Sussex to remain vibrant and resilient. A healthy economy will attract, retain and grow businesses that will provide high value employment for local residents and produce high quality products and services. Our vision is to develop a diverse and resilient economy and a digital infrastructure that will create the conditions that enable traditional and high-tech businesses of all sizes to flourish across a range of sectors while protecting the beautiful natural environment we are fortunate to have in West Sussex.
Attracting businesses to West Sussex and encouraging their growth is one thing, but we know that people are the real key to the success of our county’s economy. West Sussex has fewer working age residents as a proportion of the population as a whole compared to many other counties. To maintain or improve our relative economic position we need to attract and retain more people of working age and ensure that a higher proportion of them are working in high value jobs. Where benefits are administered locally, we want them to support people returning to work. We will work with employers to ensure our residents have the right skills throughout their lives to meet the needs of our businesses.
We know that an appropriately skilled workforce will help to attract and retain those businesses providing higher value jobs. We have a proven track record to build on - qualification and skill levels in many parts of West Sussex are high and school attainment is good.

Corporate Plan Indicators


  • One goal is measured monthly, Unemployment rate for people aged 50-64.
  • The other six goals, Gross Value Add per head of population, Average earnings in West Sussex, Business Support and Grants, 16 - 18 year olds in education, employment or training, Apprenticeships in West Sussex and Broadband roll out have annual or quarterly measures.
  • By clicking on the 'view goal' button you can see detailed information, and sub-measures, where applicable, on the chosen goal.


  • The position at the end of August is that 3 goals are currently on target and 4 goals are not yet due for update in 2016/17. Where there is currently no update for this year, the position reflects the last reported status.
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Growth of Jobs

Benchmarking Performance Indicators 

This dashboard gives a range of various metrics falling under the Championing The Economy area. The metrics are mainly benchmarked against CIPFA statistical neighbours and against all English county local authorities.
1. Creating jobs:
West Sussex has a much better employment picture compared to all English Local Authorities and the mean for West Sussex CIPFA nearest neighbours in all three metrics. West Sussex has a healthy employment market, comparatively and his helping to bolster the local economy...
2. Broadband Programme:
West Sussex has a much better broadband set up compared to all English Local Authorities and the mean for West Sussex CIPFA nearest neighbours for all three metrics. As West Sussex has a healthy broadband service, comparatively, this is helping to boost infrastructure, businesses coming to West Sussex and, thus, the local economy...
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Directorate Indicators

Further to the Corporate goals and benchmarking metrics above, there are directorate performance indicators that are measured.
The following indicators are split by directorate and can be seen in more detail by clicking on the relevant tile below. 

Directorate overview...

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