Best Start in Life

The children born and being raised in West Sussex are our future – we look to them for a sustainable one.

Therefore it is only right that children are at the centre of everything we do. It is our job to make sure every child in West Sussex reaches their potential.

We will give them the foundations they need to be able to do that. In one way or another we are there at every stage of their lives, and even before by supporting parents and families. We will make sure the nurseries and childminders our children attend are the very best they can be so that our children have the tools they need to get the most from learning throughout their school life.
It is vital that every school in the county offers each and every child the education he or she deserves and we will do everything in our power to make that happen.

We know that school is not just about education but about the wraparound support and care our schools provide.
Children and young people cannot thrive unless they feel safe and secure at home. It is our duty to protect those children and young people, supporting them to cope with life’s pressures and supporting their families to make sure they are able to enjoy a childhood free from harm.
We will support all of our children and young people to be healthy and happy. We will invest in our families; equipping parents to be able to support their family’s needs, enabling them to create safe and supportive homes. We will be there for every child and young person to give them the confidence they need to reach the goals they want to achieve,supported by us every step of the way, having been given the very best start in life.

All children and young people are ready for school and work

Families and children have a healthy family, home and work life

Children and young people feel safe and secure

Access to education that meets the needs of our community

Children and young people are able to thrive