Level of community grants that support WSCC priorities

The Community Initiative Fund (CIF) is a grant allocated by County Local Committees to support community groups and organisations within West Sussex and projects that directly benefit the community. 
The council has changed its approach to grant funding and has now set up the West Sussex crowd, a crowd funding platform that aims to provide residents with a wider source of funding. Our criteria for this fund has remained the same - to support the West Sussex plan priorities. 
We aim to provide 100% of grant funding that support WSCC priorities.

June 2020 performance

The level of community grants that support the West Sussex priorities remains at 100% which is on target and green.


Last year saw the introduction of a crowdfunding approach using the councils community initiative grant fund to support residents to deliver projects in their local areas that support the councils priorities. We have maintained our performance with 100% of our grant funding spent in line with the West Sussex Plan priorities. 
We have also introduced a new approach for resident seeking smaller funds of under £750, which follows a  simpler process for residents seeking smaller sums of funding. There has been a high level of micro fund applications being received for the next round.