Residents who agree that the council provides good value for money

This measure is new, introduced in 2018. The data will come from the 'What Matters to You' survey. We are acutely aware that the money we spend, we spend on behalf of all of our residents. All of us within the County Council are guardians of that money and everything we do is about providing the very best service at the best value for money.
We aim to achieve 80% result by 2022

June 2019 performance

When asked whether West Sussex County Council offers good value for money, 35% agreed with this statement in our What Matters To You survey. The biggest proportion of respondents were neutral with 44% neither agreeing nor disagreeing, but 20% of people who took part disagreed. Like other local authorities across the county West Sussex County Council faces unprecedented financial challenges so it’s really important our residents see value for money. 
Our 2020-21 milestone target is 80%
The 2018 survey is closed, and our next survey is due in 2020.


The council has saved over £200 million in the past nine years and still faces a gross budget gap of £145 million over the next four years. 
The council is committed to being as efficient and effective as possible and we are doing things to make the best use of the resources we have. We are investing in solar farms to power homes but also generate income. We are working with partners to bring together growth and investment across the county and we are looking at creating community hubs to protect vital services and making the most of the buildings we have. 
We are engaging with residents proactively about the financial situation and the work we are doing to deliver value for money.