Delivering Safe and Well Visits for those at highest risk

A Safe and Well Visit is a free service carried out by West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service. Visits are offered to people who are aged over 65 and to those who are considered to be at a particular risk. It involves a pre-arranged home visit to offer advice on how to make it safer and, where appropriate, fit smoke alarms or other specialist fire detection equipment free of charge.

March 2020 performance

In the year 2019/20 4699 visits were delivered and there was no backlog at any point. During the year WSFRS fitted 4728 pieces of smoke detection equipment and issued 854 items such as smoker’s blankets to help protect our residents from fire.
 For information, From 16th March, when the country was placed under lockdown the format of visits changed.  Residents identified as being medium or high risk were offered telephone advice with the Living Self and Well Booklet being delivered or posted.  The booklet contains the advice that was given over the phone.  Virtual visits were also offered where the customer has the technology to do so. 
All customers who would normally receive a visit will be offered a visit as soon as it is safe for them, many of them have declined because they are either shielding or socially isolating due to Covid-19.  Very high risk visits continued to be delivered wherever the resident agrees providing no-one in the home has signs or symptoms of Covid-19.  4699 only includes visits that were completed in person.
Our 2020-21 milestone target is 15,800. 
For 2018-19 a total of 4,175 high risk Safe & Well Visits were delivered, exceeding our 4,000 target. These had a key focus on fire prevention and fire safety in the home and wider contribution towards general safety, health and wellbeing. Over 4,500 pieces of smoke detection equipment were installed, and over 1,000 additional items such as smoker’s aprons and equipment to protect residents against arson were provided to residents.

Benefits of a visit

It combines the reduction of fire risk in the home with health and wellbeing referrals to partner agencies for extra support where appropriate. Visits are tailored to the specific needs of the household and normally last between 30-45 minutes. The fire service personnel who visit always carry identification.
To find out if your are eligible or request a Safe and Well Visit please use the following link
Fire alarm being fitted

Smoke alarms

Buying and fitting smoke alarms could help you to save your home and the lives of your family. A smoke alarm (also known as a smoke detector ) is a device that detects fire in its early stages and gives a loud audible warning. To find out more about smoke alarms, please use the following link: