Quarter 3 December 2018
The results reported are based upon the Progress 8 measure which details the progress that a child has made from Key Stage 2 to 4 in numerical form & is designed to measure the child’s progress against that of other children with the same starting point. It is worth noting that the measure does not reflect the journey of a child through the care system & no allowance is made for the impact of school & placement changes during the secondary school period. The data reported shows the progress 8 scores for all children who have been in the care of West Sussex continuously for at least 12 months prior to the exams. It is worth noting that, on average, this cohort is no more than 40 children & each child makes a significant difference to the overall scores which can fluctuate significantly year on year. The Virtual School works closely with all schools and education providers to create bespoke packages of support in order to further enhance the educational outcomes of all our children.
Quarter 1 - June 2018 performance
The attainment gap between West Sussex Children Looked After and their peers remains significant and narrowing this gap remains the primary objective of the Virtual School.  Working with Education partners we ensure that all children have a termly PEP (personal education plan) meeting that focuses on progress and attainment, using pupil premium plus money to create bespoke intervention packages to support the children with their educational goals. 
From January 2018, all West Sussex Children Looked After in years 9 – 11 have had access to GCSEpod, an on-line revision package to support their revision and exam preparation.

December 2017 performance

The date of the 2017 release of data is due, potentially, in July 2018.

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