December 2018 performance
The rate of Children Looked After has slightly increased to 40.6 per 10,000. We continue to be under our statistical neighbour rate data for 2017/18 which is 51 per 10,000. We continue to support children and families to ensure that children remain in their families and network as long as it is safe to do so.
October 2018 performance
Slight increase from last month, this data remains steady with no significant increases.
August 2018 performance
This figure has remained steady and was sitting at 39.5 at end of August so slight decrease from last month.
July 2018 performance
There has been no significant change in this data and our population of children looked after remains stable.
May 2018 Performance
We continue to see small fluctuations with the number of CLA in West Sussex being either just above or below the 700 mark. We continue to support our children and families and work with them to prevent further increases as we know if safe to do so, children are best supported within their family network.

December 2017 Performance

During this quarter the number of Looked After children per 10,000 has remained constant with small fluctuations on a monthly basis.


This measure looks at the number of children who are Looked After within Children Social Care in West Sussex. This means that some children are in foster placements and a few children are placed in residential care homes.

In order to know how well we are doing we measure ourselves against authorities in relation to the no. of children in care per 10,000 population of children.