Emergency Response Standards

Using our fire risk maps we have divided the County into small geographical area, which are allocated a rating of Very High, High, Medium or Low risk, based on the previous incidents of fires, deaths and injuries, predictive risk data, as well as a measure of demographic risk. These are reviewed on an annual basis.
Our target for this measure is 83%.
The attendance times are measured from the moment the call is connected to our mobilising centre to the time the fire engine arrives at the incident. The risk ratings are as the table below.

Emergency Response Standard

Current data is provisional up to Quarter 3 of April 2017 to December 2017. Awaiting audit.

Failures of the target time are due to a number of factors, the main ones are:

  • Crewing has taken longer for these incidents, as the normal appliance that would be attending is not available due to crewing issues.
  • Travel Distance is too great for the appliance to get there in the designated time – Rural areas.
  • Heavy traffic in the area has meant that the retained were unable to get to the station in the target time.
  • The normal pumps that would be attending this incident are already at another call.

The below map shows our targets for areas of the County.