Quarter 2 - September 2108 performance
Work continues with Parish & Town Councils and Community Groups to complete applications to access funding available 2018/19 financial year.
Quarter 1  - June 2018 performance
2018-19 – £300,000 has been made available for community projects under the Operation Watershed ‘Active Communities Fund’ in the financial year 2018-19.
6 community groups (7 applications in total) have been awarded funding during Q1 bringing total to 58.

Quarter 4 - March 2018 performance

19 project applications were granted funding in the final quarter of 2017/18

£500,000 was made available for community projects under the Operation Watershed “Active Communities Fund” in the financial year 2017/18

A total of 52 applications were approved grant funding and the funding pot was fully utilised in this financial year

Quarter 3 - December 2017 performance

Summary information on the projects that have been funded over the year can be located on the link below.



Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund is a grant fund supporting community groups working in their local area to help prepare for, and reduce the risk and impacts of flooding from ground and surface water.

A committed funding pot of £500,000 is available for 2017/18 that community groups, volunteer groups and town and parish councils within West Sussex can apply for to fund projects they wish to deliver for themselves.

Applications have to demonstrate:

  • How it addresses recognised flood issues
  • If it has strong community support
  • That it demonstrates value for money
  • How it will realise benefits to your community

All applications need the support of the local, elected County Councillor. In particular communities are encouraged to come together and develop the network of local action groups.