WSCC is keen to tackle air quality issues and increase the uptake of electric vehicles across the County. These ambitions feature prominently in the West Sussex Plan. We are currently exploring a number of different options related to the provision of on-street charging, off-road charging, highway infrastructure, and encouraging and promoting work place charging. Proposals considered need to be flexible and future proof.

Government grants (via OLEV funding) are available, and we are keen to make use of them, but at the moment the grants do not incentivise installation as the Government intended. We have made recommendations for reform and the Leader will be writing to Ministers shortly to suggest ways to improve the scheme, offering to pilot the new approach in West Sussex.

We are looking at a number of initiatives including how we can support the development of charging infrastructure across the County with the Districts and Boroughs and transforming our own fleet.

Highways charging is vital and we are working on different models of delivery with Districts and Boroughs and are exploring various commercial opportunities.

On street charging is another element. We have been approached by private companies to pilot on-street charging and are investigating the proposals.

We are working with District and Borough partners to develop our strategy, to ensure we have plans which complement each other and don’t duplicate. We met in December to investigate forming a strategic county-wide partnership to develop an EV charging infrastructure. Each authority was supportive of a potential partnership and work is ongoing to firm up arrangements.

As a significant local employer with many public facing sites, how we run our own estate is also an opportunity to roll out charging points. We are keen to minimise the impact of our staff travel, and are switching some of our pool fleet to ultra-low emission vehicles with associated charging infrastructure. Installed chargers are planned to be accessible to residents and visitors at our public facing sites. Atrial of pool cars and vans will start at County Hall, Chichester in May 2018,with plans to roll out to other key sites through 2019.

The plan is to deliver infrastructure for charging the EV vehicles and a number of EV’s early next year.

4 x Renault Zoe cars.

2 x E-NV200 vans.|U

This will be a pilot before reviewing and potentially expanding further across the pool car fleet.