March 2019 performance
The provisional quarter 4 rate of household waste sent to landfill is 30.18%. Operational issues with the baling and handling of Refuse Derived Fuel being prepared for export for energy recovery in the EU have meant we have not met the expected target in the quarter. In such instances the fall-back disposal outlet is landfill.
 The operational issues experienced are now under control and work is being undertaken to maintain the daily target number of loads leaving the site for energy recovery.
December 2018 performance
The issues earlier in the year have been resolved and the rate at the end of Quarter 3 was 27.06%.  We expect the end of year figure to be within 1-2% of this either way.  
September 2018 performance
Performance during 2018/19 is on track to meet or better the March 2019 target of 25% mainly as a result of diversion of refuse derived fuel to energy recovery plants.  
June 2018 performance
The performance in the year to March 2018 is currently not on track to meet the target of 25% primarily due to delays in commissioning and establishing the contract for RDF offtake.
The Council is in a transition period, projecting to reduce landfill to below 10% by April 2022. The reduction is being achieved through encouraging waste avoidance and minimisation,  improved recycling and composting and the conversion of household residual waste to a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from which energy is recovered.