September 2018 performance
The figure for energy generation is 2,292 megawatts for this quarter.
This is behind where we expect to be as the Westhampnett solar farm project has been delayed due to contractor issues. However it should be connected to the grid and up and running within the next week.
June 2018 performance
We are continuing to install solar PV through our successful schools programme and Westhampnett solar farm will be connected to the gird the week of 13th August.

March 2018 performance

The annual total is:  6272.3 MWh
 This is a 2% increase on last year.
January 2018 performance
2016/17 = 6,093.8MWh
2017/18 = 6,272.3MWh
There was a 14% reduction in the number of sunshine hours recorded in this period. Solar PV sometimes over performs and sometimes under performs depending on weather conditions, shading and invertor replacements. This is expected and is the explanation for the slightly lower than expected output.   
Quarter 3 - December 2017 performance
Our first batch of new school installations (x3) was completed in Sept. Our second batch will begin in 2 weeks and will be finished by mid-March (x9 schools). Westhampnett solar farm will be live on 8th Feb and we have 6 new sites in our pipeline for development over the next 2 financial years (up to 19/20). Feasibly studies are getting underway at these sites.