Quarter 4  - March 2019
Latest data available is 2017. Compared to the 2016 years’ data, Shoreham Road and Grove Lodge Roundabout show an increase in emissions. This could be due to a number of factors such as weather variations and volume of traffic. However, compared to emissions at designation, 9 out of 10 AQMAs show a reduction in emissions and one remains at the same level, so the overall trend is improving.
 Each District or Borough with an AQMA is required to produce and deliver an action plan; Adur’s is currently in the process of being refreshed. All Districts and Boroughs are, with WSCC, members of Sussex-air and all West Sussex authorities are also members of the Inter-Authority Air Quality Group. The Sustainability Team and Public Health Team are co-producing a long-term behaviour change campaign.
Quarter 3 - December 2018 performance
* additional tube added since designation
‡ designation of specific monitoring point
The data above are taken from the specific monitoring points within each AQMA that exceeded or were close to exceeding the annual average air quality objective (40 µgm3) for NO2 at designation.
Distance correction has been applied to data to estimate the concentration at the nearest relevant exposure (façade).
Storrington & Cowfold has more than one figure denoting multiple sites of actual/potential exceedances
Readings will be affected by annual weather variations.
Quarter 2 - September 2018
Thirteen schools in West Sussex, have been invited to be part of an Air Quality project across Sussex.
 WSCC, as members of Sussex-air, was successful in securing a Defra grant of £105,900 to deliver targeted interventions with schools within or very close to air quality management areas, aimed at improving air quality. Activities include including encouraging switching off of engines outside schools. Our delivery partners are Sustrans and Living Streets, who both have strong evidence of successful partnership working with schools and communities.
 Children, staff and parents will have an opportunity to be involved in a range of activities, aimed ultimately at creating a healthier and safer environment on the journey to school and beyond.
Quarter 1 - June 2018
We are working with District and Borough Councils to develop our partnership working and a county-wide air quality plan is almost complete. This will be managed and monitored by a cross-authority governance group to ensure that all opportunities to improve air quality in West Sussex are taken. We are active members of the pan-Sussex-air partnership and have been successful in gaining a grant from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This grant will focus on anti-idling and sustainable travel around schools.

We are committed to working with partners to ensure we have clean air to breathe.

There are a number of areas across West Sussex where air quality does not meet Government targets. These areas are known as Air Quality Management Areas. We are working in partnership to increase the quality of air in these areas, and to maintain the quality of air across the county.

Some of the work we’ve done, much delivered in partnership with the District and Borough Councils and the local community include installing Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation (MOVA) at 70 junctions, linking traffic signals to smooth traffic flows, Bikeability training, creation and ongoing promotion of the Co-Wheels car clubs and vehicle idling zones in place at 30 + level crossings in West Sussex. We are active members of the pan-Sussex sussex-air partnership and support cycle forums and District and Borough Air Quality Steering Groups.

We are in the process of mapping and tracking progress on these and other initiatives to build up a fuller picture on how we are doing and what more we can do to help improve air quality. Future planned work includes expanding the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the county, working with staff to reduce our own travel, working to convert WSCC’s fleet to electric or low emission vehicles and consolidating our own estate with other local authorities to develop assets and reduce the need for customers to travel.

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