Quarter 3 - December 2019 performance
The following schemes were completed during Q3 …
 Bridleway 2410 all-weather surfacing (through Woodshill Copse, W of Broadford Bridge Road) = 0.3km
G46 all-weather surfacing (from Bradford Bridge Road, West Chiltington) = 0.5km
Shared cycleway footway on Rowan Way, Bognor Regis = 0.15km (missing link)
Christ’s Hospital to Downs Link connection = 1.3km
Extension of existing shared cycleway footway in the vicinity of Wellington Grange Care Home, Broyle Road, Chichester = 0.19km
All-weather surfacing on 2 sections of the Downs Link = 3.3km
The following schemes are expected to be completed in Q4 …
 Shared cycleway footway on Ifield Avenue, Crawley = 1.2km (completion expected by end of Jan)
Shared cycleway footway on Stane Street, Westhampnett = 0.8km (completion expected by end of Feb)
New shared cycleway footways on old A264 Broadbridge Heath Bypass = 1.9km (completion expected by end of Jan)
Permissive bridleway link between existing permissive bridleways P36 and P37, Medmerry = 1.0km (Judith Grimwood tbc)

Quarter 2 - September 2019 performance
The following schemes were completed in Q2:
 Contraflow cycle route on Park Terrace East = 0.07km
Bridleway 2344 all-weather surfacing (Oldhouse Lane, West Chiltington) = 1.8km
Bridleway 1604 all-weather surfacing (Valewood Lane NE to Sumners Pond, Itchingfield) = 0.3km
Bridleway 3568, Downs Link Southwater (public bridleway creation agreement for missing section west of Worthing Road) = 0.17km
Bridleway 2756 all-weather surfacing (Upper Beeding) = 0.6km
Restricted Byway 3350 all-weather surfacing (Fernhurst) = 0.7km
Q2 total = 3.64km
Quarter 1 - June 2019
The RSPB Pagham Harbour to Medmerry scheme (3.0km) was completed at Easter and was officially opened during Bike Week earlier this month.
Quarter 3 - December 2018 performance
The following schemes have been completed during the last quarter:
 Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath Phase 2 (on-carriageway cycle lanes) = 0.4km               
Surface upgrade to Bridleway 3727 (Worth Forest) to enable cycling = 0.4km
Total for Quarter 3 = 0.8km
Running total for year to date = 5.8km
Quarter 2 - September 2018 performance
The Flansham to Climping section of National Cycle Route 2 opened in August (4.5km). A new facility connecting the new Chichester Free School site with the A27 footbridge opened last month (0.5km). Total route delivered so far this year = 5.0km.
April 2018 performance
During 2017/18 the following cycle schemes were delivered on public highway:
 Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath (phase 1) = 0.5km
Arundel Road, Fontwell = 0.45km
Worth Park Avenue, Crawley = 1.70km
In addition, the following schemes have provided an improvement for cyclists on the Public Rights of Way network:
 Bridleway 3K Hassocks – 0.73km length surfaced
Restricted Byway 633 Kirdford – 0.64km length surfaced
Bridleway 981 Graffham – 0.43km length surfaced
Bridleway 3421 Pulborough – 0.28km length surfaced
Public Footpath 184/Permissive Cycleway P13 – 0.84km length surfaced
 Total length of improvements = 5.57km

Length of new cycle paths

West Sussex County Council aims to increase the amount of new cycle track year on year by 15%. The baseline is 5.57 km this year, by 2022 we will have put in 28.7km length of additional cycle lanes

Link to map which shows suggested routes contained in the strategy. Red = prioritised for feasibility work, green = constructed.
West Sussex Cycle Journey Planner which shows you the fastest and quietest options for your journeys and also shows designated cycle routes (some of which are on road).