Quarter 3 - December 2018 performance
The following schemes have been completed during the last quarter:
 Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath Phase 2 (on-carriageway cycle lanes) = 0.4km               
Cycling improvements in Lower Beach Road/Riverdale Road, Shoreham Beach (Adur DC scheme) = 0.1km
Surface upgrade to Bridleway 3727 (Worth Forest) to enable cycling = 0.4km
Total for Quarter 3 = 0.9km
Running total for year to date = 5.9km
Quarter 2 - September 2018 performance
The Flansham to Climping section of National Cycle Route 2 opened in August (4.5km). A new facility connecting the new Chichester Free School site with the A27 footbridge opened last month (0.5km). Total route delivered so far this year = 5.0km.
April 2018 performance
During 2017/18 the following cycle schemes were delivered on public highway:
 Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath (phase 1) = 0.5km
Arundel Road, Fontwell = 0.45km
Worth Park Avenue, Crawley = 1.70km
In addition, the following schemes have provided an improvement for cyclists on the Public Rights of Way network:
 Bridleway 3K Hassocks – 0.73km length surfaced
Restricted Byway 633 Kirdford – 0.64km length surfaced
Bridleway 981 Graffham – 0.43km length surfaced
Bridleway 3421 Pulborough – 0.28km length surfaced
Public Footpath 184/Permissive Cycleway P13 – 0.84km length surfaced
 Total length of improvements = 5.57km

Length of new cycle paths

West Sussex County Council aims to increase the amount of new cycle track year on year by 15%. The baseline is 5.57 km this year, by 2022 we will have put in 28.7km length of additional cycle lanes