Quarter 1 - June 2018 performance
To ensure we meet our target a number of activities are ongoing:-
·        An annual review of schools capacity and consideration is given to each school’s situation when the bi-annual review of projected pupil numbers is undertaken.
·        A programme of expansion and extension of existing schools is ongoing.
·        Monthly discussions with the DfE Free School Group regarding existing Free Schools, the Free School Programme and locations.
·        Continuous review with all Districts and Boroughs on major developments and progress against their house building targets.
·        In pressure areas, additional places are negotiated with schools as required.
·        An annual review of school place planning will be undertaken in the Autumn Term and report early 2019.

October 2017 performance

West Sussex County Council had 126,143 school places available as of October 2017. This was an increase from 125,483 places in October 2016 and was the result of extra accommodation being added to schools. In March 2022, the County Council is targeting 120,645 pupils to be filling school places across West Sussex. In October 2017, the number of pupils on roll at West Sussex schools totalled 112,834. The County Council is working towards a maximum of a 5% surplus of places across the 24 individual planning areas to allow for parental preference and late movers into an area.

Further details about the principles of school place planning and a breakdown of data by District & Borough Council areas can be found at:


To ensure we meet the target and maintain a buffer we have:-
  • A programme of expansion and extension of existing schools.
  • Keep in touch with the Department of Education to try and influence Free School award and location where possible.
  • Match local demand to local authority housebuilding programme and district and Borough planning.
  • The annual consultation process school place planning which includes on any changes to school capacity is rigorously applied to meet legal requirements.