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Gross Value Added (GVA) indicates the level of economic activity within an area by measuring its production of goods and services. It is a measure that allows comparison of areas, and highlights variations in performance with a region, and trends over time. The GVA figure (workplace based) divided by the total residential population (resident based) gives an estimate for GVA per Head, whilst not a measure of productivity it is, nevertheless, a widely used measure to indicate the economic well-being of an area and again, provides comparison/benchmarking with other areas.

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ONS release annual sub-regional estimates of GVA and GVA per head. The most recent update was released in December 2018 and covers the period up to 2017. As in the previous year the data is released by the 2015 NUTS3 areas – which split West Sussex into two areas: West Sussex South West (WSSW) including Adur, Arun, Chichester and Worthing, and West Sussex North East (WSNE) including Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex. NOMIS had previously reworked the NUTS3 data to provide estimates for county level geographies, whilst the new data has been released NOMIS have not yet undertaken this exercise, though we can make some estimate of the West Sussex figure in the meantime.

NUTS3 : http://Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics - Geographies used across EU for statistical purposes

2017 Data - released December 2018
Overall West Sussex has a GVA per Head level lower than the regional and national average.  The difference between West Sussex South West (WSSW) and West Sussex North East (WSNE)  continues to be significant, however over the last year the percentage increase in the GVA per Head level was higher in the South West of the County than it was in the North East, and indeed, WSSW had a higher percentage growth than the regional.  The picture though is different over the last 5 years, where growth has been significantly lower in West Sussex South West of the county at 8.5%, considerably lower than that seen in the region (14.3%) , and less than a half of that seen in the North East of the county (20.5%) .
Within the South East region Milton Keynes had the highest GVA per Head at £49,516, and Medway the lowest at £19,205.  West Sussex North East has the seventh highest GVA per Head in the region – behind East Surrey, North Hampshire and Oxfordshire, and West Sussex South West had the sixth lowest level, but higher than East Sussex, and the Kent/Thames Gateway. 
The data is from ONS and can be found here:
GVA per Head levels have not been released at local authority level,