Quarter 3 - December 2018 
Whilst performance appears substantially lower than target and last year, figures are now being collected through MOSAIC (the Council's client management system) which will provide a much more accurate figure than previous manual collection methods. There will therefore need to be a need to review baselines and targets as further quarterly data is collected. The joint Health and Social Care Step Up Step Down programme, looking at discharge pathways from hospital, will support improvement in this figure into 2019/20, particularly through the Home First project that will develop and improve home based health and social care services to enable people to be discharged directly to their home with the right services and support.
2017/18 summary
We are above both the South East average and national average however with the new Reablement Service and closer working with health colleagues, we should still be able to improve on the 2016/17 performance despite an increasing demographic growth and increased admissions to hospital.