Quarter 1 - June 2018 performance
The council has changed it’s approach to grant funding and has now set up the West Sussex crowd. This is a crowd funding platform that aims to provide residents with a wider source of funding, our criteria for this fund has remained the same and we can report that 100% of grants given out in quarter one have supported the West Sussex plan priorities. Q1 March – Aug 2018 Level of community grants that support the West Sussex Plan priorities = 100% of the 31 grants given.
The Community Initiative Fund (CIF) is a grant allocated by County Local Committees to support community groups and organisations within West Sussex and projects that directly benefit the community.  From 2018/19, the County Council will be allocating  £330,000 per year to CIF.  
In 16/17 there were three Council priorities: Start of Life, Later Life and the Economy.  The new West Sussex Plan 2017-2022 sets out 5 priorities: Best Start in Life, Prosperous Place, Strong, Safe and Sustainable Place, Independence for Later Life, a Council that works for the community. 

N.B. From 2018/19 the Council is looking to change how it allocates all its community funding, so this target may need to be revised.