Quarter 2 – September 2018
 The total number of subscribers has reduced slightly over the last quarter but is still well above the current target.
Quarter 1 – June 2018
 When the target was first introduced in 2017 there was no baseline data available.  As the target has been exceeded after such a short period of time a more challenging target will be adopted when the performance goals are next reviewed.  Enabling people to receive alerts when decisions are published or committee agendas are available is an important part of making the decision-making process open and accessible to all.


People can sign up to receive email or text updates and alerts via the Council’s website to find out about the democratic process. There are 27 different elements of the democratic process providing updates (all Cabinet, Council, county local committee, select committee and Non-Executive committee meetings; details of decisions taken; the Forward Plan; and the Members’ Information Service weekly newsletter).