January 2019 performance
January has seen a huge spike is social media activity from the previous month with a really encouraging increase in engagement levels.
With a similar amount of posts on both Facebook and Twitter, we've seen parallels between the increase in followers but almost double the traffic (total clicks on links) from Twitter
December 2018 performance
December had a decrease in Facebook posts but did see an increase in fans. Twitter also saw a decrease in tweets but, again, saw an increase in followers. Engagement levels were down but traffic through our online messaging was up.
November 2018 performance
We had another increase in posts and tweets this month and saw some great engagement from residents particularly with #OurDay and the 'Recycled bottle Christmas tree for Chichester city centre'. We’re happy our messages are resonating with our residents and to see an increase in engagement levels and we are well on track to meet our 2022 goal of 6,419 Facebook likes and 65,604 Twitter followers!
October 2018 performance
October saw a steady increase in 'fans' and 'followers' on both Facebook and Twitter with a huge spike in engagement levels.
September 2018 performance
Over the last quarter we've seen some consistent growth across Facebook. With similar levels of content created throughout the last three months and posts published, we saw less new likes on our page than that in August but a huge increase in engagement levels. Twitter has remained consistent over the last quarter and although we have seen less retweets on our posts, we have had a consistent amount if message including direct messages as well as mentions. Overall, the last quarter has seen a consistent level of content published and some good engagement with our residents, again, showing us that we are on target.
August 2018 performance
August saw another steady growth in overall engagement levels with an increase in Facebook posts, reaction and shares as well as a increase in both Tweets and Re-tweets on Twitter. Similar to last month, our messaging is resonating well with residents.
July 2018 performance
Throughout July we have seen less output on Facebook and less engagement from our residents on published posts but have seen an increase in direct messaging. Twitter has shown more activity and is generating the right amount of engagement through retweets, likes, comments and shares.
June 2018 performance
Last month saw further growth and development across our social media platforms but in particular Facebook. It’s a great sign that our communications are resonating with our residents and that West Sussex County Council is on target to reach it's 2022 goal of 6,419 Facebook likes and 65,604 Twitter followers.
May 2018 performance
West Sussex County Council has seen growth and development across our main social media platforms over the last month with engagement levels and interactions with our residents increasing.
As we work towards achieving our targets, we continually review our activity to ensure that the information we are providing, sharing and updating is relevant  to our residents and they find it useful and of interest.
We are continuing to evaluate the response to campaigns and activity with our social media channels so we can improve and build on them in the future.

March 2018 performance

We are currently on track to meet our targets. The targets are a good indication of how well our residents are engaging with our organisation and finding out key information through digital means, in particular our main social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook.)

We continue to review our social media activity against our own targets and against comparable partner organisations. We will be working with services, partners and others to ensure the listening and engaging we are doing with residents through social media is as effective and useful as it can be. This will then help us shape our social media content on a daily basis. The quality of the content we post will contribute to the success of meeting our targets.