July 2019
In order to make the information available quickly and easily,  at a time convenient to our customers,  we have published the frequently asked questions on our website reducing the need for you to contact us.
Quarter 1 - June 2019
Working  within the Customer Service Centre to  understand our customers ‘ pain points and work closely with services to improve our end to end customer experience. 
Moving  the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub calls into the Customer Service Centre has enabled  a reduction in hand-offs, connecting our customer to the right person first time.
Quarter 4 - March 2019
When asked whether West Sussex County Council residents found it easy to access information, services and support they need 48% of respondents said they found it easy or very easy and with 26% of respondents  finding it neither easy or difficult. These results are the average of two questions asked ‘ overall how easy was it to contact West Sussex County Council’ and ‘ overall how easy was getting what was requested of West Sussex County Council’.  Respondents found it easier to contact the council (58%), than to get the help they needed (40%).
 To make it easy for our customers we need to remove some of the barriers they face, and provide them with other channels to contact us at a time that is easy to use and convenient to them.
 What are we doing to put it right:
We continually work with services to improve their top volume areas, stripping out elements that add no value to customers and staff. We are also deploying and testing new digital capability across 10 customer journeys, this solution will then rollout across the organisation.  
When asked whether West Sussex County Council residents are satisfied with the services they receive, the largest proportion of respondents, 46%, agreed with the statements that they were either satisfied or very satisfied. 20% of respondents were neutral being neither satisfied nor dissatisfied  and 34% of respondents said they were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.
Quarter 3 - December 2018
Following the What Matters to You survey (May to July 18) Customer Experience reopened their Ease of Access survey. The survey was shared on social media and on the Socrata performance pages and will run until the next WMTY survey.
Quarter 2 - September 2018
The countywide What Matters to You survey for 2018 has now closed.  However, if you have contacted West Sussex County Council in the last 12 months and would like to give us feedback regarding how easy it was to contact us and then to get the help you needed and how satisfied you were with the service received , please click on the link below and complete our short survey. 
What Matters to You 2018 Results :
We asked two questions relating to how easy it was to contact us and then to get the help you needed. Here is a summary of the responses from 931 residents that that contacted West Sussex County Council in the 12 months prior to the survey. 
What Matters to You survey
As part of the countywide What Matters to You survey that launched on 16th April 2018, residents are being asked how satisfied they are with the services they receive from West Sussex County Council. The survey runs until 16th July and results will be available in September 2018.
Quarter 3 - January 2018
The Ease of Access survey ran in Dec 17 and Jan 18 and was promoted through social media, Your Voice, The Peoples Panel and in the WSCC e-newsletter. We had 100 responses and the result came back +1% on the baseline established by the What Matters to You survey in 2016.
The next set of results will be from the 2018 What Matters to You survey that runs for 12 weeks from the 30th April.
Data from the 2016 survey provided focus to what needs fixing for example customers find it more difficult to access services when they write to us.