December 2019

116 requests were due to be responded to in December, of which 106 were responded to on time and 1 is on hold. The service area identified as missing timescales is showing improvement, and although remaining below the performance levels of other areas, is expected to come into line with the council as a whole over the next period. 
November 2019
118 requests were due to be responded to in November, of which 105 were responded to on time. One service area in particular has been identified as missing response timescales, and extra support is being given to the responsible officer
October 2019
96 requests were due to be responded to in October, of which 86 were responded to on time. 90% compares favourably with Government Departments (86% average April to June 2019)
September 2019
We are changing the way we work where we are automating and digitalising the Freedom of Information Process, this will mean that our officers will respond to your requests within 20 days
August 2019
This is an excellent turn round from  87% in July. Go live for the new FOI recording system, which should help to maintain these levels, is currently anticipated as 26th September 2019.
July 2019 performance
Performance dropped to 87% in July .A reminder will be issued to staff about the importance of this corporate target. A new software system is targeted to go live on 26th September which will send automatic reminders and we expect this to improve performance in this area.
June 2019 performance
Performance is currently meeting its year-end target and we have seen improved performance in the poorer performing areas.
May 2019 performance
Efforts continue to achieve the 2019/20 target of 95% with targeting of low performing areas.
April 2019 performance
A very positive result for the month of April despite the number of requests being 20% higher than April 2018.  
March 2019 performance
Good progress has been made with performance just short of the 90% target for March 2019. For the financial year 2018/19 85.7% of responses were within time.
The new timeline tracking report has improved performance and has highlighted that we have been reporting FOI requests as overdue when suspended awaiting clarification from the requester. We will be reporting this measure more accurately in future.
New system that will support the management of our FOIs has signed off at Transformation Board in November 18, expected to be deployed later in the year. The system will allow for more timely reporting, email alerts and management of workflow.


Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the Council is required to respond to requests for information within 20 working days. Although this can be challenging, and sometimes we have to ask for clarification of a request, or for extra time to pull the information together, we believe that in line with our commitment to be Open and Transparent, we should respond as fully as possible to requests as promptly as we can. You can find Government advice on information requests here.