Quarter 2 - September 2018
Quarter 1 - June 2018
A Health and Wellbeing deal has been agreed for Adur and Worthing, based on work that has already been started on the Wellsprings project. This covers homelessness and accommodation and also social isolation. A deal is being worked up with Arun focusing on young people and deals with Horsham, Crawley and Chichester are the discussion stage.
Growth Deals - The Arun Deal is agreed but will not formally be signed until August. We anticipate the Horsham Deal being concluded around the same time.

Quarter 4 - March 2018

A Growth Deal has now been agreed with Chichester District Council bringing the number of Growth Deals to four. Work is progressing to complete Growth Deals with Arun District Council and Horsham District Council in 2018/19. The completed Growth Deals highlight key priorities that will support the delivery of growth and the County Council is working with partners to progress these priorities.
These Deals are now in delivery and benefits from the Deals are being achieved:
  • Crawley – the Deal has been key to the development of a £60m Growth Programme with a focus on Crawley Town Centre and Manor Royal Business District. The Programme has secured £14.6m of Local Growth Funding from the Local Enterprise Partnership and aligns the funding and programmes of a number of partners including Metrobus, Gatwick Airport Limited and Manor Royal Business Improvement District. The Programme consists of a number of projects some of which are already being constructed.
  • Worthing & Adur– the deal focuses on a number of projects that will deliver growth in Worthing and Shoreham. Significant funding has been secured to support the delivery of key projects. A series of public realm improvement options in Worthing Town Centre have been developed to support the progression of key development sites identified in the Worthing Investment Prospectus – the options will be displayed at public exhibitions in January 2018.
  • Burgess Hill – the Deal identifies key activities that are progressing to support he delivery of development of the Northern Arc, redevelopment of the Town Centre, development of a Science & technology Park, development of The Brow and key infrastructure improvements. Significant funding has been secured and projects are progressing.
  • Chichester – the deal focuses on the City, prioritising the delivery of development at Southern Gateway and Northern Gateway which are both key projects identified in the Chichester City Vision. The Deal also prioritises the development of a clear transport strategy to facilitate the delivery of the Vision. Finally the Deal prioritises ambitious proposals to improve digital connectivity in the City.
  • Further Growth Deals with Arun and Horsham are progressing and are on track to be completed in the 2018/19.